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The Architectural parasol is the most neutral, sleek model. The parasol is based on the recurring shades of grey of the various outdoor brands. This is the most sober model, but no less luxurious. We played with the recurring design of square elements to find a perfect match with clean and modern environments. The focus here is on purifying: back to the essence! A very clear statement with as few different elements and materials as possible, only pure materials. The trendy consumer with sense of detail and searching for perfection, will easily integrate this umbrella in his personal world.


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Zomersluiting - terug OPEN op 1 augustus
Beste Klant, We zijn er even tussenuit om te genieten van wat rust. Vanaf 1 augustus zijn weer OPEN en klaar en fris om u te bedienen. Dank voor uw begrip en ook een mooie zomer gewenst !